The seas and oceans are always in our hearts as passion and something we want to protect. The mission of “Ocean Friends” Foundation is to preserve the environment and specifically our seas and oceans as well as to promote responsible and sustainable adventures in a secure and healthy form of tourism that brings positive change for travellers, locals, and destinations. Our efforts are focused on communicating the most relevant news, identify best practice and establish priorities for the sustainable future.

Tourism is a conduit and catalyst for education, intercultural communication, spiritual growth and admiration and respect for nature. That is one of the best ways to face the world’s vast diversity, be filled with its beauty, and meet different people with diverse ethnic and cultural peculiarities.

The benefits of tourism can be both economic and social, cultural and environmental. In many parts of the world, local communities are extremely dependent on tourism. For example, in small island states, tourism often contributes to ⅓, sometimes even more, for the gross domestic product and a significant local employment percentage.

These facts confirm the role of tourism in economic growth and job creation. And also the fact that many places depend on its continuous development. That is why it is essential to maintain sustainability, a long-term tourism policy, and continuously increase people’s skills and knowledge – both employed in the industry and travellers.

With its beauty and great diversity, the coastal areas and the oceans attract millions of visitors worldwide. That confronts maritime and coastal tourism with significant sustainability challenges that require a shift to higher-value models that respect natural resources and social values.

Society is concerned about protecting the marine environment, but there is often a lack of knowledge about threats and what is being done to protect its sustainable management. People are often unaware that their individual actions affect the world’s oceans. Through improved environmental education and information, we believe that society members will be better informed about threats to the aquatic environment, management strategies, and industry innovations related to preserving and protecting the natural habitat.

Welcome to the website of “Ocean Friends” Foundation with ID No. 206313452. The Foundation is an international non-profit registered in the European Union. Our activity is non-commercial, for the benefit of society and by our mission to encourage responsible and sustainable tourism in a secure and healthy form that brings positive change for travellers, locals, and destinations.

Our Work

Passengers Protection

By providing good personalised advice and quality information, we strive to reduce uncertainty for passengers arising from both personal considerations and differences in national policies. We aim to inform the entire Spanish and English – speaking world population clearly and timely.

Travel Guides

We publish travel guides based on verified facts and information. If you want to make sure you’re taking right travelling decisions, have a read through some of our resources to make sure you’re getting the most from planning your trip.

Inspirational Stories

We collect inspirational stories from around the globe with the goal to present the vast diversity of the world. Thus we all can experience familiar and not so familiar destinations, and we get to know people and their cultural uniqueness.

Support for the Tourism Sector

Tourism makes an important contribution to European economies, employing 22 million people in Europe. Today, this sector is experiencing great difficulties, but the crisis is also a historic opportunity to modernise tourism in the EU and creates preconditions for sustainable tourism development.

Responsible Tourism

We encourage environmentally, socially responsible and economically viable travel and tourism. That is why we support various initiatives to create and develop innovative, flexible and high-quality products and services to ensure green, responsible and affordable tourism.