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The seas and oceans are always in our hearts as passion and something we want to protect. The mission of “Ocean Friends” Foundation is to preserve the environment and specifically our seas and oceans as well as to promote responsible and sustainable adventures in a secure and healthy form of tourism that brings positive change for travellers, locals, and destinations. Our efforts are focused on communicating the most relevant news, identify best practice and establish priorities for the sustainable future.

Recognising the challenges facing the world’s oceans and the difficulties experienced by maritime and coastal tourism, “Ocean Friends” Foundation has launched an initiative to gain volunteers from across the globe. Our actions aim to stimulate the development of environmentally friendly, cultural-educational and alternative travel. We strive to be a source of favourable and sustainable support of public causes in the area of nature preservation.

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    Welcome to the website of “Ocean Friends” Foundation with ID No. 206313452. The Foundation is an international non-profit registered in the European Union. Our activity is non-commercial, for the benefit of society and by our mission to encourage responsible and sustainable tourism in a secure and healthy form that brings positive change for travellers, locals, and destinations.