We are international travellers who have been travelling for over 30 years. We value everything beautiful, positive or different, and we love sharing our travel experiences and affect more people with our travelling enthusiasm. We created the “Ocean Friends” Foundation and with one main intention – to give useful and quality information about the places worldwide. We want to encourage you to travel – whether you choose to walk in the woods on the weekend or you are on a two-week vacation aboard a cruise. Everyone has their own concept of how and how much to travel. We value people’s diversity and the various ways of travelling as long as they lead to self-improvement, self-enrichment, and contribution to societies and the environment. That is why our efforts are focused on communicating the most relevant news, identify best practices and establish priorities for the sustainable future.

Beth Accioly

Cultural Producer & Cruise Lover

Beth Accioly has been travelling and sailing the seas aboard the most incredible ships for more than 30 years. She was born and raised in Nova Friburgo, inland in the state of Rio de Janeiro, with a family of Italian, German and Portuguese origin, so from there, the nomadic vocation is already explained. As a teenager, she decided to study English, French, and German as part of travelling living projects. And as a young woman, her passion for education, culture, and art opened doors in Brazil’s Ministry of Culture. There began her long history as a cultural producer and her paths through theatre, television, music, photography, plastic arts and cinema.

Between short and long trips, in a group or alone, with family or friends, for leisure or work, on tours, events, Beth travelled through Asia, America, Europe and Africa. In the last 15 years, she discovered and was enchanted by cruises, getting to know new destinations on stopovers through the most different seas.

Today she lives between two continents, Europe and America, and loves to share her experiences and advice to those who dare to know the world.